[0.3.0] -- 2023-11-06

  • Revamped the _md and _array variables to be dicts, with ext, content, frontmatter, and path properties.
  • Added in ability to specify abstract targets, which don't show up in buildable lists, issue 19
  • mm now raises an error if you try to inherit from an non-existing target, issue 20
  • Overriding targets is no longer allowed, issue 22
  • Major revamps on data structures available to jinja template
  • Add -t flag to view template for a target
  • Allow glob factory to use inherit_from.
  • Improve user messages to guide when there are problems

[0.2.0] -- 2023-01-07

  • Added -e flag to explain a target
  • Add -i flag to initialize an empty _markmeld.yaml file
  • Fixed bugs with importing
  • Fixed bug with prebuilds
  • Allow opening files on MacOS
  • Enabled using environment variables in variables
  • Sort targets
  • Enable multiple inheritance
  • Enable recursive imports

[0.1.0] -- 2022-11-21


  • Removed support for original beta config version
  • Implemented base targets instead of inheriting from root config
  • Completed refactoring and various bugfixes and tests

[0.0.2] -- 2022-11-18

This is a transitional release that can handle both original beta and version 1 config formats.